Candlemas and Consecrated Life Day

On Candlemas - the feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, on February 2nd, in Sarajevo's Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Day of Consecrated Life was celebrated at the level of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese.

The Holy Mass celebration was led by the archbishop of Vrhbosna in peace, cardinal Vinko Puljić with the concelebration of about 20 priests.

Numerous nuns from various societies were joined by theologians from all three theological seminaries in BiH, who also assisted at the altar under the leadership of rev. Ivan Rako.

First, the Cardinal blessed the candles and congratulated the assembled nuns and monks on the Day of Consecrated Life, followed by a procession inside the church.

Return to yourself and your dedication

In an appropriate sermon, the Archbishop in peace spoke about the 28th Day of Consecrated Life, which is celebrated in the Sarajevo Cathedral, pointing out that all believers are consecrated by baptism, which is the greatest consecration, and after which comes availability to the will of God, that is, the vows taken by monks and nuns . Therefore, he called for "returning to oneself, to promises, to surrender and to consecration".

"This candle, which we had in our hands, symbolizes the light of faith ignited in baptism in all of us, and then we ignited that fire with our personal tradition. That is why this Day of Consecrated Life is, in its own way, a call to be authentic, to be what we are, consecrated to God", said Cardinal Vinko, warning that the spirit of the times can turn the consecrated from that path today. "We forgot that we carry Jesus and bear witness to him. He is the way, we follow him. But in order to be persistent in this, so that we are not destroyed by the spirit of the world, it is necessary to hear Jesus who says: 'Learn from me because I am meek and humble in heart'. Because without humility there is no faith, and without faith there is no perseverance. That's why it's important to learn that humility, smallness", the Cardinal explained, noting that today's man can often be seduced by the "race" of this world - "having, spending, enjoying, being important - and that means nothing if the man is not of God. That's why this day of consecrated life seems to say 'return to yourself while you still have someone to return to'".

Be patient

The Archbishop in peace then spoke about patience as the first step towards perseverance. "We should first be patient with ourselves, our tendencies, weaknesses and habits, and then in life with others. Because each of us has our own cross, and we are someone's cross, so we need to be patient, and this virtue comes from love for Jesus who invites us to take up our cross", said Cardinal Puljić, pointing out that patience will lead to a more dedicated life and to seeing the world around you.

He again emphasized the importance of the Day of Consecrated Life, which is an encouragement for true zeal and joy in following Jesus. After the sermon, the monks and nuns prayed for the renewal of their religious vocations, and also brought gifts: a candle, sacramental bread and wine. The liturgical singing was animated by the choir Fra Nenad Dujić under the direction of OFM Emanuel Josić, and the Holy Mass was broadcast live by Radio Marija.