26th anniversary of the massacre of Croats of Grabovica

In Grabovica near Mostar, which belongs to the parish of Drežnica, on September 9th, the 26th anniversary of the massacre of Croats of this region was marked. In 1993., members of the Bosniak Army of the RBiH brutally killed 33 civilians, of whom 19 were never found.

The anniversary of this crime was appropriately marked this year as well. First, wreaths and candles were laid at the memorial, followed by the way of the Cross to the local cemetery where the Holy mass was served for the killed Grabovica civilians, reports jabuka.tv.

The commemoration was attended by numerous representatives of the parties that make the Croatian National Parliament.

After laying their wreaths, the gathered set out for the local cemetery, praying the way of the cross, and then a Holy mass was served for all the dead, and it was led by OFM Andrija Jozić, parish priest in Rama and the guardian of the Šćit monastery, together in concelebration with about 10 priests. “We have come here today to pray that our prayer cleans us of all the bitter feelings and negative charges that occur in these places of distress. We have come to pay due respect to all these victims. With this respect we want to preserve the memory of them, but also on the expense of freedom we live today, but build as well”, said OFM Andrija, adding that it is clear that a climate of coexistence, forgiveness and reconciliation should be created in society. He also added that these important life settings rest on the foundations of truth. “The process of reconciliation cannot be built without internal catharsis”, pointed out OFM Andrew in his sermon.

The crime in Grabovica happened on the night of September 8th to 9th 1993. In the Neretva military action 93 members of the Army of the RBiH killed 33 civilians, including the youngest Mladenka Zadro who was only 4 years old and the oldest Marko Marić who was 87 years old.