Police day and St. Michael marked

With a Holy Mass celebration in the parish church of St. Anthony of Padua, on September 28th, Police day and day of St. Michael were marked in Busovača, with laying wreaths and burning candles on the memorial place to the fallen veterans and civilian victims of the war.

The ceremony was attended by the President of Federation of BiH Marinko Čavara, representatives of numerous city and county delegations, associations that came out of the last war and police officers.

Mass celebration was led by the parish priest OFM Zoran Jaković, who emphasized that on the feast of St. Michael is especially prayed for the killed policemen.

“It is important to work conscientiously in your work, and you, the police, be proud of your job and the duty you perform because you are always on the side of justice, order and peace. You are aware that it can happen that you have to risk your life for someone, and in that is the greatest virtue of your calling, willingness for a friend, colleague, man. St. Michael is a fighter, a prayer and a companion, and may he accompany us in all our ways, especially you in the fight against evil and crime”, said the parish priest in his homily.

After the Mass, wreaths were laid on the city memorial and a social gathering was held.