Cardinal Puljić received the head of the OSCE Mission to BiH

On Tuesday, May 12th, in the premises of the Archbishop's Residence in Sarajevo, Archbishop of Vrhbosna, cardinal Vinko Puljić received Kathleen Kavalec, head of the OSCE Mission to BiH.

Thanking for another opportunity to meet Cardinal Puljić in person, Kavalec said that the reason for her visit was the desire to hear first-hand the position of the Archbishop of Vrhbosna on the celebration of Holy Mass at which he will pray for the victims of the Bleiburg tragedy.

She stated that she was aware of the controversies that arose after some media articles about the said liturgical celebration, which will be held in the Sarajevo Cathedral on Saturday, May 16th.

Cardinal Vinko, on this occasion, repeated his clear position that he had always rejected any form of linking the Catholic Church and himself personally with various forms of totalitarian regimes.

In the end, the interlocutors expressed their common hope that the tensions that arose would not stop the path of dialogue and coexistence between the inhabitants of Sarajevo and the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina.