Celebration of the heavenly patron St. Michael

Feast of St. Michael the Archangel was celebrated on September 29th in the parish of the same name in Kolibe.

The Holy Mass was celebrated and led by the Bishop of the Diocese of Križevci, Msgr. Milan Stipić in concelebration with ten Roman Catholic and one Greek Catholic priest, among whom was the pastor, rev. Antonijo Čutura.

In his sermon, Msgr. Stipić emphasized that God gives a mission to every man and the freedom to accept or reject it. Aware of what the people of Posavina have gone through, he told them that the heart should be opened to the future and noted that the family is the basis for the education of future generations. He reminded that “God created the spiritual world before this world, including the archangels St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.” He cited them as an example of serving God with kindness, love, and simplicity.

The Eucharist was also attended by the Imam of Vinkovci, Mirza ef. Delić, and representatives of the authorities, among others, the Vice President of the Republic of Srpska Josip Jerković and the Mayor of Bosanski Brod Zora Vidić.

The Holy Mass was animated by parishioners led by sister Pavka Dujmović.