Comemomaration for those killed in World War II

Commemoration and mass for all killed and disapeared Catholics of Croatian people in World War II, was held on May 19th in Radimlja.

Translated by: Ksenija Ninić

Together with numerous priests, together with parish priest of Stolac, the mass was led by rev. Ante Komadina, the director of Caritas of Herzegovina's dioceses.

Komadina referred to a mass reading, where the Israelis are reminded not to forget the great works that the Lord does to save them from being subjected to slavery.

”And our Croatian people have gone through many deserts and many troubles throughout history. All these troubles and misfortunes that the Croatian people passed through, tell us that, despite everything, God is the sovereign master of history and all that is happening” he said, adding that he could not even think that he could ever act and die, in any other system but communist.

”And what happened. John Paul II. appeared suddenly. God sent in his miraculous way Gorbachev as well, to show that he and only he is a sovereign master of human history”, said Komadina, saying that a man is led by God by his transcendence through many tribulations and troubles.

”Today we have gathered here to recall in their prayers all those whose bones were scattered throughout our Herzegovina and our homeland, who were killed by human hatred, human malice, and who were buried and hidden so no one could trace them. We here in this sacred Mass want to thank God first for the gracious gift of gratitude and on another gift - the gift of the sacrifice of life of all those who gave life for future generations. Their sacrifice of life has been built up by God in his plan of providence”, said rev. Komadina and said that the families of the killed in World War II had countless times wondered if this was necessary, especially when after the war the godless power reigned.

After the mass in front of the memorial, candles were lit and wreaths were laid. Around the memorial, young people dressed in folk costumes stood, as a memorial to those who were killed in such costumes. Stolac parish priest rev. Rajko Marković thanked the present believers and representatives of the authorities who attended the commemoration and the Mass celebration, and in particular to General Željko Glasnović, the representative in the Croatian Parliament and the Mayor of Stolac Stjepan Bošković.

Let us recall, at the end of the Second World War, already in 1944, partisans captured numerous Croatian civilians. Then they brought them to Stolac, where they were without trial, condemned and murdered.

Immediately after the war, especially after the Bleiburg tragedy, in May/June of 1945, thousands of participants of the Cross road were brought from Mostar, as well as many innocent people, mostly civilians, from all Herzegovinian, as well from neighboring Dalmatian and Southern Bosnian municipalities, to this “court” in Stolac and there with fake witnesses condemned them and then massacred them.