St. Elijah never leaves the exhausted alone

Parish of St. Elijah the Prophet in Glamoč in the diocese of Banja Luka celebrated its heavenly patron on July 20th.

The solemn Holy Mass was celebrated by the secretary of the Apostolic Nunciature in Mexico, Msgr. Ante Vidović, a native of Livno, while the charge of affairs of the Apostolic Nunciature in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Msgr. Amaury Medina Blanco said an appropriate sermon. The Holy Mass was concelebrated by several priests, among whom was the parish priest, rev. Boris Ljevak.

In the appropriate sermon, Msgr. Amaury highlighted the example of St. Elijah as a prophet who was close to every man. He encouraged the faithful people to always have trust in God who always has an answer to problems and troubles. “God sends us food to strengthen us and give us life back”, he said, adding that “God sends us that food every day in the Eucharist, but also in the sacrament of confession”.

At the end of the Holy Mass, the parish priest pointed out that it was the first time in the parish's more than 150-year history that two diplomats from the Holy See visited it. He further praised the faithful who, despite the difficult economic situation, found opportunities to financially support the renovation of the parish house.

By the way, in addition to the sisters of the Society of Adorers of the Blood of Christ, who work in the parish, a large number of believers were also present at the Holy Mass.