27th anniversary of killings in Briševo

The greatest common killing of Catholics (Croats) in BiH in the War

On Thursday, July 25th, at the memorial church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in the displaced village of Briševo, in the parish of Stara Rijeka near Ljubija, liturgically marked the 27th anniversary of the torture and brutal killing of 68 local Catholics, residents of that Croatian village.

Concelebrated Holy Mass celebration together with the parish priest of Stara Rijeka, rev. Boris Ljevak, a former long-time parish priest of this parish venerable Adolf Višaticki and his secretary rev. Zlatko Matić, was led by the bishop of Banja Luka, Msgr. Franjo Komarica. About 150 believers, mostly descendants, relatives and neighbours of the killed people of Briševo, who mostly live in Croatia and other European countries, attended the mass as always on this day, TABB reports.

Before the mass celebration, in front of the cenotaph with the names of all the victims, wreaths, flowers and candles were laid.

At the beginning of the Mass, rev. Ljevak, welcomed all those present and recalled the unfortunate cause that made them gather at the site.

At the end of the Mass, the bishop prayed in front of the cenotaph after the parish priest rev. Boris read all their names aloud.

In front of the church, prayers for all the deceased were prayed in front of the large memorial cross, and then the young mayor of the Italian town of Mori and the president of the Briševo-Dobri Association Zdravko Marijan, addressed the audience.

The Association organized a "feast of love" in the churchyard for all those present at the mass.