Blessing of the chapel under the “Linden” on Plehan

On the feast of St. Joseph the Worker on Friday, May 1st, Holy Mass in front of the cemetery chapel under “Linden” in Modran in the parish of St. Mark on Plehan in Bosanska Posavina was led by the Plehan guardian, OFM Anto Tomas.

OFM Jozo Gogić, the vicar of the monastery, was in concelebration with the Guardian Tomas. An integral part of this traditional Holy Mass celebration is, at the end, the rite of blessing of the fields, which has been held in this cemetery since ancient times, and which arose as a result of the plague pandemic around 1783.

It was customary for all the families from that place to gather on that day, and after the celebration of the Holy Mass in the cemetery to continue socializing with a song at the family table.

Due to this year's coronavirus pandemic, there were only a limited number of them. OFM Anto thanked his returnees, whom he calls apostles of peace and good, for living their faith and preserving this beautiful tradition of their forefathers.