Commemoration of 27th anniversary of Plehan suffering

On Tuesday, July 2nd - day when in 1992., the Franciscan monastery and parish church of St. Mark in Plehan were mined and destroyed to the ground – in Bosanska Posavina, in parish of Plehan, a commemoration was held.

On this occasion, in the evening hours in the newly built church in Plehan, the Holy Mass, together with the local guardian OFM Anto Tomas and OFM Ivan Ćurić, was led by the monastery vicar OFM Franjo Dalibor Stjepanović.

Well-suited readings that were read about suffering, but also about the joy of meeting the Lord, about which preacher Stjepanović spoke in his homily, was also significant.

On that occasion, the guardian Tomas, solemnly, in front of the returnees in this parish, signed a contract with Anto Jurišić, the director of Stanogradnja doo Odžak, who will build the monastery in Plehan, whose construction site and stone foundations, under the holy mass on Monday, July 8th at 18:00, will be blessed by the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, cardinal Vinko Puljić.

The great Franciscan Church of St. Mark in Plehan, the Serbian Army, after occupying Plehan, on July 2nd, 1992., mined with two tons of explosives. During the mining, the Franciscan monastery also fell, and in the days after this, the remains of the monastery and all the accompanying buildings were completely destroyed, as well as all the houses of the Catholic population, who had to flee before the war. After the return of the Franciscans to Plehan, every year on July 2nd, in the evening, the Mass Celebration mentions these great tragedies, for which no one has ever responded, and they pray that the Lord will heal all the wounds that this area has experienced and still experiences.

In the parish of Plehan, before the war, 8 120 Croats Catholics lived there, and today there are only 90, mostly elderly and helpless.