Meeting of students and youth

On the evening of March 5th, the 6th meeting of students and young people at the Church of St. Vincent in Sarajevo was organized by the Committee of high ranked monks and nuns.

Young men and women living in boarding schools and/or working in Catholic associations in the City of Sarajevo attended the meeting.

The meeting began with a sacrament of reconciliation, followed by a Eucharistic celebration, led by OFM Davor Petrović, regional spiritual assistant of Frama of Bosna Srebrena, with the concelebration of rev.  Damjan Soldo, spiritual assistant to the Catholic Students Association (UKS) Emaus, and OFM Vincenzo Kajtazi.

After the Holy Mass, animated by young people from UKS Emaus, the testimony of faith was presented by Marina Papić, a final year student of social work, and Anamarija Matijević, a third year agricultural student, former president of the Marian Youth in Žepče and current president of the UKS Emaus in Sarajevo.

The evening program continued with appropriate socializing, joy, songs and fun games.