“Stepinčevo” in the cathedral

A concelebrated Holy Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, led by Archbishop of Vrhbosna cardinal Vinko Puljić on the evening of February 10th, commemorated day of Bl. Alojzije Stepinac and the 60th anniversary of his martyrdom.

About 15 priests concelebrated with Cardinal Puljić.

At the beginning, the Archbishop of Vrhbosna greeted those present, called for the intercession of Bl. Alozije, and wished “that we be faithful to God as Bl. Alojzije Stepinac was”.

In his sermon, he emphasized that God “at any time of temptation sends a charismatic person as a beacon and a signpost for believers to preserve the path of Christ”. “It was these individuals who were at the target of the Evil One who intended to destroy or at least weaken the Church. Thus, in difficult times, not only to our people but also to our neighbours, he gave courageous shepherds and witnesses of the faith who resisted the evil intentions of communism”, said the Archbishop, and reminded of the most significant dates from Stepinac's biography, noting, in particular, the difficult times of communist persecution.

Recalling that on October 3rd 1998., at the shrine of Marija Bistrica, Stepinac was proclaimed blessed, he warned that no lustration had taken place, which made the communist mentality “live today”.

During the Mass, the ministrants and singers were the seminarians of the Vrhbosna Theological Seminary.