Anniversary of the nunnery of the Franciscan School Sisters

On the feast of the Holy Family, December 26th, the patron saint and 25th anniversary of the house of the Franciscan School Sisters in Bučići near Novi Travnik was celebrated with a solemn Eucharist.

The Holy Mass in the Chapel of the Holy Family was led by the Provincial of Bosna Srebrena, OFM Jozo Marinčić. The Guardian in Guča Gora, OFM Drago Pranješ, and the parish priest in Nova Bila, OFM Slavko Petrušić, concelebrated. The celebration was attended, among others, by the Provincial Superior sister Željka Dramac and her Deputy sister Mira Bliznac.

In his homily, OFM Jozo called for adoration of the New-born Saviour, asking those present to embrace the love of Christ. “At this Christmas time, we are called to proclaim the coming of Christ as a light that illuminates the dark moments of our lives. By our attitude, our life, we speak and bear witness to the love of God on this earth”, said OFM Jozo, remembering all the years of sister’s work in the parish of Bučići he emphasized that “memory should not be focused only on the past, it should be projected into the future”.

After the Holy Mass, the fellowship continued in the dining room of the nunnery around the family table.

By the way, the sisters prepared for the patron saint with a Triduum and prayer meetings during December.