Annual spiritual exercises for the Tolisa Friars

From Sunday, March 1st to 5th, regular spiritual exercises were held in the Franciscan monastery in Tolisa for the priests of the Franciscan monastery area, attended by 24 priests.

Their leader was OFM Miro Relota, a spiritual priest at Franciscan Theology in Sarajevo, and the central theme was Consecrated and religious life according to the Old Testament, the inquiries of Pope Francis and the encyclical “Laudato si”.

In addition to the priests of the Franciscan monastery area, spiritual exercises were attended by parish vicars of the parishes: Osova, Kiseljak, Vitez, Jajce, and two diocesan priests.

In addition to Holy Masses, prayer of the hour and the Eucharistic adoration, the Way of the Cross and penitential worship, the Presbyterians had the opportunity for sacrament of confession and spiritual conversations with the leader.

The spiritual exercises ended with a Holy Mass celebration, followed by refreshments and the return of participants to their daily services.