Celebration of Our Lady of Lourdes in the church of St. Vincent

On February 11th, in the monastery church of St. Vincent de Paul, with Sisters of Mercy, in the centre of Sarajevo, Our Lady of Lourdes was celebrated with a Holy Mass and 30th World Day of the Sick was marked.

The Eucharist was led by the professor at the Sarajevo KBF, Dr. rev. Mario Bernadić, concelebrating with six priests, among whom was the Chancellor rev. Mladen Kalfić, who greeted at the beginning. Among others, the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, also participated, led by the Head of the Province of the Mother of God - Sarajevo, sister M. Julijana Djaković.

In his sermon, Dr. Bernadić pointed out that illness and helplessness of human reality are much more present in life than one might think, and in that context he mentioned the sad statistics of various diseases. He then focused his thoughts on Jesus Christ and his relationship with the sick and pointed out the need to care for this category of people. “A visit to a seriously ill person is not, nor should it be, a happy event. On the contrary, it was and remains a catharsis, but a saving catharsis to anyone who bravely surrenders to it. A catharsis in which we meet the wounded Lord himself who then - as he did from the wood of the cross to the 'good' robber - promises us paradise, and paradise today”, said Dr. Bernadić, urging: “Let us therefore dare to follow the crucified Lord through exemplary care and awareness of our sick brothers and sisters.”

After the Holy Mass, the sisters invited those present to socialize with dinner.