Consecrated altar and celebrated patron in Korićani

Presiding in the afternoon of July 19th, a solemn Holy Mass in the war-torn parish of St. Elijah the prophet in Korićani, on the Vlašić mountain, Vrhbosna archbishop in peace cardinal Vinko Puljić consecrated the church and the altar.

Along with the administrator of this religious community and the parish priest in Turbe near Travnik, rev. Ivan Butum, in the Holy Mass a dozen priests concelebrated, among whom was the parish priest and dean of Travnik, rev. Marko Mikić.

In the mosaic homily, the Cardinal explained to the faithful the meaning of consecrating the altar as Christ’s sacrifice. He explained not only the need to listen to the Word of God, but also to accept it in everyday life. Speaking about the meaning of coming to church, he explained that this act strengthens faith and nourishes the soul. He encouraged “constant feeding of the soul so that we don't get sick with today's public opinion”. Interpreting the act of consecration of the church and the altar, he explained that “the altar is the place where we are redeemed and where what happened on the cross is repeated”.

After the sermon, the ceremony of consecration of the church followed: signing of the charter, prayer of the litany, consecration prayer, installing of the powers in the altar, anointing of the altar and four smaller crosses in four places in the church with confirmation oil and burning of incense in five places of the altar.

The parish administrator, rev. Butum, then addressed the present, who recalled how the religious community was forced to leave in the second half of 1992, when Serbian forces ravaged the parish. “It was in those years that the parish received its thousandth member and had to relocate throughout Central Bosnia, Croatia and the West”, said rev. Ivan emphasizing that the renovation started in 2000 during the time of the parish priest, rev. Pave Nikolić, continued with rev. Viktor Šošić, and completed in 2021.

The Holy Mass celebration was animated by the parish choir of the religious community from Ovčarevo.

The next day, on the feast of St. Elijah, the Eucharist was led by the parish priest in Pećine and military chaplain in Travnik and Žepče rev. Goran Kosić in concelebration with six priests. In an appropriate sermon, he emphasized that a prophet is a man who was taken from the people and was given the gift of God to preach, exhort and testify to God's word. “Saint Elijah is God's gift to all of us as a role model, a role model as a character who has the spirit of zeal, truth, courage and the Spirit of God”, said rev. Goran and encouraged those present that “like St. Elijah seek the face of God, bravely testifying to his belonging to God and God's people”.

The Holy Mass celebration was animated by playing by the parish priest from Podkraj, rev. Mario Oršolić.

After the Eucharist, there was a social gathering of the faithful present who did not forget Korićani this year either.

Let's remind you, 25 km from Travnik, on Vlašić, at about 1,300 meters above sea level, Korićani was founded first as a chaplaincy in 1877 by separating from the Dobretići parish. The first parish church was built in 1874 from wood, and the second from solid material in 1935. After World War II, in 1951, the church was rebuilt and stood proudly on this mountain until the last war.