Marking the 28th anniversary of the murder of two friars

On Saturday, November 13th, the 28th anniversary of the murders of OFM Nikica Miličević and OFM Leon Migić was marked with a requiem mass in the monastery church of the Holy Spirit in Fojnica.

The Holy Mass was led by the Guardian, OFM Mirko Majdandžić, concelebrating with a dozen priests.

In his homily, OFM Mirko said that the killed friars were “martyrs”. “They were killed because they loved Fojnica and wanted to stay in it, because they were the loudest in the desire to preserve peace here and to avoid war”, said OFM Mirko, explaining that OFM Nikica’s and OFM Leon’s sacrifice will only make sense if the chain of mutual hatred that is still smouldering is finally broken in BiH. “I am convinced that the wish of our friars would be for them to be the last victims of hatred in this country”, the guardian emphasized.

By the way, every year in mid-November in Fojnica, the memory of the two killed friars is commemorated. The sad anniversary passes in the sign of the Holy Mass of Remembrance and the appropriate program.

It should be reminded that on November 13th 1993, the friars were killed on the doorstep of the monastery by a member of the 302nd Motorized Brigade of the Army of BiH from Visoko, Miralem Čengić, with the help of Nedim Zerdo, Samin Mušinbegović and Vahid Begić. Unfortunately