Mary’s confidence in God is what we need today

On May 25th and 26th in the parish Komušina and on the hill Kondžilo, Youth day of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna was held under the logo: Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. (Luke 1,30)

As every year the organisers of this event were Archdiocese’s centre for youth pastoral Ivan Pavao II (NCM) and parish Komušina. Marking of youth day of this archdiocese in this Marian sanctuary started on May 25th with the mass celebration and convenient program after which followed Adoration before the Holy Altar sacrament.

Procession and praying

On Saturday May 26th, the pilgrims that were coming were greeted by the volunteers of NCM.

At 9:00 o’clock, there was a penance worship after which there was time for sacrament of penance and reconciliation that was handed out by ten priests, and for a period of time cardinal of Vrhbosna archdiocese Vinko Puljić also listened to the confessions.

Exactly at 10 o'clock, rev. Marko Mikić, commissioner for the spiritual vocations of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese, together with gathered believers, prayed before the image of Our Lady of Komušina and blessed the water and those who carried the picture and then led the festive procession, in which were more than 1500 believers from all over BiH, Croatia and other European countries where Croats live.

The whole way to the hill Kondžilo, which is a few miles long, the Lady's portrait was carried, the rosary was prayed, and the Marian songs were sung. Some of the pilgrims were walking barefoot.

By arriving at the elevation, where the outer altar and chapel is located, the Eucharistic celebration was led by cardinal Puljić in concelebration with 30 priests. The gathered people initially were greeted and welcomed by the parish priest and guardian of the sanctuary, venerable Boris Salapić. He encouraged all present to find power in Mary, who is the best advocate of Jesus. He motivated the young people to work already to actualise the “kingdom of heaven” on earth, that is, a better and happier environment for the lives of all.

Cardinal, in his greeting, compared the young’s walk to the Kondžilo hill, with the life’s walk of all people. He wished that the believers in Kondžilo pray grace and encouraged them for pilgrimage to be a life encouragement.

Do not let the fear rule

In his homily, the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, referring to the readings, spoke of Kondžilo as “house of annunciation”. Speaking of Mary who had the confidence, at the end of the angel's message, to say “here is the servant of God”, he wished for all people to rise in faith and to be able to say “here I am God” with full confidence.

The Cardinal then pointed out that it is human to be afraid and that some confess they are afraid and the others do not. “As children we were afraid of darkness, I believe there is no child who is not afraid of the dark. As children we were afraid of the darkness, and now the electricity we have to pay when the bill comes“, said jokingly the Archbishop and then spoke of a “fearless” general because he was led by faith and trust in God, not fear of death.

“You students know that when you are grabbed by fear, you forget all you learned. Fear blocks ... How to overcome fear? Something needs to be found to overcome fear. 'I'm afraid, but trust in God,' said that general. It is precisely that confidence that Mary had and what we need today”, said the Cardinal and reminded of the time when people had nothing to eat but the houses were full of children.

“Our old people never cried and they trusted in God. Where is this belief today to be transferred to the youth? Every day we have new fears and uncertainty and insecurity. That is why we should have Mary's faith”, said the Archbishop, and then addressed the youth.

He stated that God did not invite anyone by accident, and that for each of them He had a plan. Speaking of young people who do not care about God's speech, he stated that they are selfish and feel the emptiness of the soul, which results in the dissatisfaction and frustration often ending up in addictions.

The Cardinal then emphasized that it is not easy today to have confidence in God because the media are poisoning with uncertainty, problems...

He then gave an example of bribing for getting a job, exploiting workers in immoral terms, and asking for membership in the political parties to get bread.

He compared the time of communism with today's “dictatorship of democracy” in which others decide instead of all and do not allow to argue them.

“Do not leave this hill without saying 'Here I am God, I will remain faithful' despite all the problems. We want to walk in Mary’s steps full of confidence... That is why, my young people, I encourage you to build a life of confidence in God in your youth and you will be builders of a better future”, Cardinal said at the end.

Holy Mass was animated by the choir Speranza from Prozor, while liturgy (reading, offering gifts, praying of the faithful, ministering) was animated by young people from the Usora Deanery.

Youth Contest

After the Mass, the believers returned to the church, where the traditional military beans were handed out to them and that was prepared by members of the Armed Forces of BiH.

After many years of traditional music and stage program, this year, for all young people who came to celebrate the Youth Day of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese, Olympic games were organised, so everyone had the opportunity to participate in the games, show their teamwork, competitive spirit and try their own sports luck in various disciplines, such as running in sacks, Sinjska alka, treasure hunt etc. Also, grants were distributed for the tenders from NCM.

The meeting ended in a good and positive mood – in the same manner it started, with song and dance, and a handful of new acquaintances and positive experiences that young people exchanged between them.