Meeting of spiritual vocations in Prozor

The parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Prozor celebrated the anniversary of the consecration of the parish church on September 1st, and on this occasion a meeting of spiritual vocations from this religious community was organized.

After the procession entry into the church, the solemn Holy Mass in concelebration with 12 priests was led and preached by the local son, rev. Ivan Zovko, priest of the Zagreb Archdiocese. The words of greeting were said by the parish priest Msgr. Marko Tomić. The Eucharistic celebration was animated by members of the parish mixed choir led by sister Marinela Zeko, SMI.

The meeting of spiritual vocations was also attended by: rev. Ivan Bošnjak, Msgr. Ante Meštrović, OFM Tomislav Kraljević, rev. Tihomir Šakota, rev. Željko Marić, rev. Stipo Zadro, rev. Ivan Butum, rev. Ljubo Zelenika, rev. Ljubo Zadrić, rev. Ivan Ivančević and rev. Josip Dedić.

According to available information, 18 priests and 16 nuns currently come from the parish of Prozor. Three young men go to the seminary, while the religious community can also boast of two seminarians and one candidate.