Meeting of the new National Council of the BiH Frama

The first meeting of the National Council of the BiH Frama in the 2021/2023 convocation, was held on June 19th in the premises of the Franciscan monastery of St. Peter and Paul in Mostar.

All members of the National Council were present: national president Anđela Marić, vice president Josipa Jelavić, national formation leader Petra Bračić, secretary Ilijana Manđeralo, treasurer Iva Nikolić and Helena Paradžik as an international envoy. Ana Marija Nuić as the regional president of Frama Herzegovina was also present at the meeting. The Council was also attended by the national spiritual assistant of the Frama of BiH who is also the regional spiritual assistant of the Frama of Bosna Srebrena, OFM Davor Petrović, and the regional spiritual assistant of the Frama of Herzegovina, OFM Marin Karačić.

After the adoption of the agenda, the first item was the organization of a humanitarian action from the feast of St. Francis until the month of November. Then they talked about the organization of a prayer action that will take place before the Advent. They also discussed the organization of a seminar for formation leaders and those responsible in the fraternities of the Frama, which will be held in Visoko, and the project of godparenthood through mission organizations in Africa.

After the working part of the meeting, the members of the National Council, together with the spiritual assistants, continued to socialize together.