Patron of the parish and blessing of the bell in Čemerno

Parish of St. Elijah in Čemerno near Ilijaš celebrated its patron saint at the Taračin Do location.

The Holy Mass celebration in front of the covenant church was led by the chancellor of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna, rev. Mladen Kalfić, who also performed the blessing of the bell. Four priests concelebrated with the chancellor, and the congregation was greeted at the beginning by the parish priest, rev. Ivo Jezidžić. Then rev. Kalfić blessed the bell donated by Jerko and Jasminko Matić. The bell was cast in Italy and rang for the first time in this place after 30 years, and it was installed to celebrate the 140th summer anniversary of the parish, which once had its seat in Taračin Dol, a location at 1 020 meters above sea level, where today no one lives permanently.

In the appropriate sermon, rev. Kalfić pointed out the dominant characteristics of a society that prefers lies to the truth, and referred to the relevance of the prophetic figure of St. Elijah. He then drew a parallel between today and the time in which this prophet of Yahweh worked, pointing out that it is characterized by a political and economic crisis and, above all, a crisis of morality and falling away from God. In this context, he pointed out the need for firmness and steadfastness, following the example of St. Elijah. “Therefore let's return faith and love to the family; let's restore communication with each other; let's bring back the prayer that will be a source of blessing and life force for everyone”, urged the chancellor.

The Holy Mass, in which the mayor of Vareš Zdravko Marošević also participated, was animated with playing and singing by OFM Ante Topić, parish priest of Grbavica in Sarajevo.

After the Eucharist, those present continued socializing with the folk dance.