Second lent Friday at the Cathedral

In the cathedral of Sacred Heart of Jesus, on second Lent Friday, sermon was given by a professor of the Holy Scripture of the old Testimony at the Catholic Theology faculty in Sarajevo, Dr. rev. Dubravko Turalija.

At the beginning of the Eucharist, head of Kaptol and rector of the cathedral, Msgr. Ante Meštrović greeted all present.

In his sermon on the topic Written Law and living word, rev. Dubravko reminded of man’s eternal aspiration to be like God, i.e. have supernatural power, knowledge, and ability. “Man wishes to be like God, man can be like God. A man is invited to be a child of God, successor of God, imitator of God. He is encouraged of it constantly by its eternal spirit”, said the preacher noting that only the rare ones managed to follow God’s law.

Before the Holy Mass, the believers participated in the piety of the Way of the Cross that was led by the parish priest of the Cathedral, venerable Mato Majić, dean of Sarajevo deanery, and he was assisted by the theologians of the Vrhbosna seminary in Sarajevo, who also read meditative texts.