The monthly publication “Naša ognjišta” celebrated its 50th anniversary

On Wednesday, July 7th, the monthly publication “Naša ognjišta” celebrated a great jubilee - the 50th anniversary of its activities and on that occasion a solemn Holy Mass in the Tomislavgrad Basilica of St. Nikola Tavelić was led by the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, cardinal Vinko Puljić.

In the introductory word of the Holy Mass, on which several priests concelebrated, cardinal Puljić expressed his joy that he can thank and pray to God with the faithful on the occasion of the great jubilee - the 50th anniversary of the monthly magazine “Naša ognjišta”. “Many of our people have accepted this newspaper, not only to gather information from their dear homeland, but they have felt that it feeds the soul, feeds their faith, keeps them in those roots, both religious and national. Many young people today do not understand those times and what it was like during communism, how they worked systematically to send us out into the world to keep us to a minimum. But, our people went and came back”, said the Archbishop of Vrhbosna and reminded that at that time they were brainwashing people to forget their history, but that “Naša ognjišta” persistently transmitted historical data.

“’Ognjišta’ were a preacher in the house - a preacher of the Word of God, guarding the hearth - bonding with the family, keeping the faith of our fathers. Celebrating 50 years of a newspaper means celebrating their mission, the mission of proclaiming the Word of God, educating in the faith, preserving historical memory, and all those values that have nurtured our culture throughout history. It is necessary to thank for that. It took courage to proclaim the truth, not to be afraid of that sick public opinion. You might say, ‘ah that heavy ungodly atheism’. I don't know if that severe godless atheism or today’s soulless capitalism is worse”, said cardinal Vinko, among other things.

In the end, he sent his sincere congratulations to everyone who has worked on publishing the magazine for years.

Gabriel Mioč, the editor-in-chief of this monthly publication, sent a special thank you to the guest, readers and all former and current associates of “Naša ognjišta”.