Triple celebration in the community of believers

Parish of St. Joseph the Worker in Grljevići, not far from Grude in Herzegovina, celebrated its heavenly patron on May 1st, and the first communion and confirmation were held.

The Eucharist was led by the Vicar General of the Herzegovina dioceses, rev. Nikola Menalo, in concelebration with the parish priest, rev. Ante Čarapin, and the parish priests of the surrounding religious communities, rev. Damir Pažin from Buhovo and rev. Josip Radoš from Raskrižje.

In his homily, rev. Nikola referred to joy, “the joy that should come from the work of our hands”. “Are we happy working and performing the tasks entrusted to us every day? Does our work fill us with joy? Or maybe it is difficult for us and we understand work as something that is difficult, that is very difficult, something that prevents us in everyday life to make us different. It was St. Joseph the Worker who showed by an example of how patiently we should do, work”, said the preacher and directly addressed the children who were to get the sacrament of first communion and confirmation whom he encouraged to “let in your work as you grow and work, as you learn and create, manifest the joy needed in everyday life”.

During the Holy Mass, the first communion was held for four boys and the sacrament of Confirmation was distributed to 11 candidates.

The Eucharistic celebration was broadcast live on Maria Vision Television.