A symposium Stopama pobijenih organized

On October 24th, another symposium Stopama ubijenih (In the footsteps of the killed) was organized in Široki Brijeg, organized for 13 years by the Vicepostulation of the Procedure of Martyrdom OFM Leo Petrović and 65 brothers.

The program began with a Holy Mass in the monastery church, which was led by the director of Caritas of Vrhbosna Archdiocese Dr. Rev. Mirko Šimić, concelebrating, among others, were the Vice-Postulator OFM Miljenko Stojić and the Diocese’s Vicar in Banja Luka, Msgr. Ante Orlovac. In his sermon, rev. Mirko pointed out that it was inadmissible to “console oneself with lies that are still being planted by some post-communist ideologues, quasi-historians, manipulators and admirers of dictatorships, that all monks are guilty and that the crime against them was justified and permissible”.

After the Eucharist, in the exhibition space of the Franciscan Museum and Gallery, Dr. Orlovac held a presentation on the suffering of the Diocese of Banja Luka in the Second World War and communist postwar. Dr. Šimić, on the other hand, spoke on the topic of Identity (Croatian and Catholic) in the light of martyrdom. The last lecture, Lie as a means of producing „truth“, was given by the historian mr. Stjepan Lozo.