Anniversary of Franciscan school sisters

On Sunday, July 7th, in the monastery church of St. Bonaventura, 90 years of life and work of Franciscan sisters and the golden jubilee of 14 nuns, was celebrated.

Anniversary celebration started on July 1st by gathering of the nuns who were celebrating 50 years of religious life. S. Berta Puškarić, s. Gracija Žabić, s. Sidonija Pranješ, s. Irena Zeba, s. Dragutina Šimunović, s. Simplicija Budimir, s. Anita Dramac, s. Ilinka Dubravac, s. Mirjam Kolar, s. Miroljuba Miloš, s. Snježana Saraf, s. Branislava Sičaja, s. Natalija Brković and s. Mladena Vučković, did their spiritual preparation, that was animated by s. Lidija Jurišić, a provincial deputy, in Visoko, by contemplating Jesus' greeting speech through the daily Eucharist, occasional speeches, common meetings, personal meditations and socializing.

The celebration of the jubilee hit its highlight in the celebration of the Eucharist, which was led by OFM Jozo Puškarić, a parish priest in Donja Tramošnica.

On this occasion, the assembled sisters, led by their provincial sister Kata Karadža, also recalled in their prayers, the 90th anniversary of the arrival of Franciscan sisters in Bosnia.

In this spirit, OFM Jozo began an appropriate sermon by saying that Jesus uses motifs from his daily life by teaching his disciples. Then he sends them to preach. His sermon was supported by personal experiences from religious life, mentioning many years spent in Visoko, where he worked very successfully with his sisters.

The provincial sister, Kata Karadža, also addressed the gathered.

After the mass, socialising was continued with a joint lunch. Words of gratitude, in the name of celebrating sisters, were said by sister Berta Puškarić.