Archdiocese's seminary marks 20th anniversary of work renewal

On Thursday, April 19th, in the seminary church of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, 20th anniversary of work renewal of Archdiocese's seminary in Travnik was marked with Eucharistic celebration and appropriate academy.

At the beginning was a meeting of seminarians with their parish priests, and then came devoutness to Petar Barbarić and the Eucharistic celebration led by the Archbishop of Vrhbosna Vinko cardinal Puljić in concelebration with Bishop Tomo Vukšić, military ordinary Msgr. Pavo Jurišić, Msgr. Mato Janjić, the dean in Travnik, and many other priests.

In his brief addressing, rector of the seminary rev. Željko Marić recalled the seminary's history from 1882. to 1945., when the assets were taken and working was forbidden, and then on May 5th 1998., when the Archbishop of Vrhbosna made a decision about work renewal together with the Catholic school centre Petar Barbarić. He pointed out the 20th anniversary of work renewal and difficult beginnings, especially returning the property which still isn't finalised. Also he pointed out that this Centre and seminary are here to insure staying and help survival of Croats in Central Bosnia.

The Mass celebration was attended by the students of Catholic theological university in Sarajevo, representatives of the Military ordinary in BiH, representatives of Archdiocese's centre for youth pastoral Ivan Pavao II, representatives of Caritas, students from hometown of Petar Barbarić in Vitina, political representatives led by the president of Federation Mr. Marinko Čavara, relatives of Petar Barbarić, benefactors and pilgrims that come to a votive Mass in the name of Petar Barbarić every Thursday.

In his sermon, archbishop Vinko spoke about good and bad times of seminary's work and thanked God for all that passed and asked for courage to face adversities with the word and body of Christ. „It is necessary to develop further what Archbishop Josip Stadler began“, said cardinal Puljić.

After the holy Mass, there was a appropriate academy held in the aula, and after, a reception was planned.