Cardinal Puljić blessed the area church of the Holy Spirit

On 17th November Archbishop of Vrhbosna, cardinal Vinko Puljić, blessed the branch church of the Holy Spirit in Donji Višnjik in the parish of St. Francis of Assisi in Žeravac, in Bosnian Posavina.

Together with the parish priest, OFM Mirko Filipović who led the Holy Mass celebration, the dean of Derventa venerable OFM Ivan Marić;  OFM Anto Tomas, the Guardian of Plehan monastery and three other priests concelebrated.

By actualizing Mass readings, the Cardinal, in his homily, encouraged the faithful not to lose faith in God, the Church, and their Croatian people. “We are building this church to strengthen our faith in it, where we all feel at home, at our God, where, by listening to the word of God, we grow in faith, for sacraments to strengthen our souls, for the Eucharist to be our most holy event”, said the cardinal, explaining that the altar is symbol of Christ, and the Holy Mass is the focal point where believers renew their salvation.

The parish priest OFM Mirko thanked Peja Guberac and Jura-Juriša Krajinović for constructing and modeling the church that was devastated in the war. He also thanked the family of OFM Ivan Ćurić, who donated the altar.

The celebration, attended by 200 believers, was animated by singing of OFM Ivan Marić.

After the mass in front of the church, šargija was played, and then socializing in the local residence continued.

Parish of St. Francis of Assisi had 2 381 believers before the last war, and today there are only 230 Catholics in the parish. In Donji Višnjik there were 617 people living there, and today there are only about 50.