Celebration of Holy Mass on the third Sunday after Easter

In the cathedral in Sarajevo on the third Sunday after Easter, on April 26th at 10:30, Archbishop of Vrhbosna cardinal Vinko Puljić led the Holy Mass, which was directly broadcasted through our web portal “Nedjelja.ba”.

On the Third Easter Sunday in concelebration with cardinal Puljić were also Archbishop coadjutor of Vrhbosna Msgr. Tomo Vukšić, Dean of Sarajevo and cathedral parish priest venerable Mato Majić and Cardinal’s secretary, rev. Štefan Marković.

At the beginning, present priests and all those who followed the Holy Mass through the media were greeted by cardinal Vinko Puljić. He noted that Our Lady of Good Advice is also celebrated this Sunday, April 26th. “In a special way, we want to pray to Mary in these times of crisis, to pray for us, ask good advice to persist and stay faithful. That is why, at the beginning of this Holy Mass, I invite you to celebrate this holy Mass with a faithful heart and living faith”, said Archbishop Puljić.

The first thought in the commemorative homily of cardinal Puljić was from the message of St. Peter, whom he addressed in the epistle, is that human value comes from the fact that man is not redeemed with silver or gold, his worth comes from Jesus' death and resurrection.

In continuation, the preacher recalled of Jesus' encounter with two disciples on their way to Emmaus. The disciples, he said, could not escape from the happenings, and they talked about it, about Jesus of Nazareth. “Often, we would like to escape from the hassle, we would like to escape from what is pressing us, what bothers us like these two students. However, wherever we go, we carry ourselves, carry what is within us, what we are preoccupied with, and these two all the way talk about what happened on Good Friday, what happened this morning, on Easter morning, that the women brought a message ‘not in the grave’, (…) Now Jesus is approaching them, here is the greatness of God’s love - the man who seeks, approaches God”, said the Archbishop, explaining that the two said to Jesus how they killed Him, crucified him, and how they hoped… “Then Jesus takes the word. First we can learn that we need to know how to listen. The Son of God himself shows, listens to these two disciples, wants in some way for them to be free from what is pressing them, what is killing them, to express their anxieties. And then Jesus interprets, somewhat and rebukes, ‘with a hard heart, you two misunderstandings, didn't you realize that this all is what was supposed to be’. And clearly, as Jesus speaks, so do they themselves say that their hearts are burning. Why? Because he was opening ways for them to know and get to know”, the preacher explained, adding that Jesus would give answers to those who seek them.

In the second part of the homily, the Archbishop of Vrhbosna explained that only after supper did the disciples recognize Jesus as he was breaking and blessing bread, but then He disappeared. “How many times have they become angry when a priest calls them to the Holy Mass, ‘why is bothering us’, and in fact we are just seeing what it means to be at the Holy Mass as brothers and sisters in the dignity of the children of God and to recognize Jesus Christ in the word of God and the breaking of bread, this mystery of the Eucharist. But we are missing one thing these two have experienced. At the same time, they return to the village where they found the apostles and tell them the experience of faith. Today, we rarely have the ability to transfer the experience of faith, not to impose, but to testify. So Pope Francis in a special way these days calls for us to bring that experience of faith into the community where we live. The very fact that we take a clear stance by our conviction, we are proclaiming it, we are witnessing it. Unfortunately, there is less and less of this assurance, that belief in life, which is why we want to adopt and realize this experience of martyrs. To experience Jesus, to recognize Him, and to bring that experience into our daily lives as our personal convictions which we will witness”, emphasized the preacher.

At the end of the Holy Mass cardinal Vinko Puljić and Msgr. Tomo Vukšić prayed the blessing.