Celebration of parish and monastery patron

On June 9th, the Franciscan monastery and parish of Fojnica celebrated its patron, and the central mass celebration was led by OFM Franjo Radman, the Guardian of the monastery of St. Bonaventura in Visoko.

Numerous believers from Fojnica, as well as other parishes of Central Bosnia, Kiseljak, Kreševo, Gromiljak, Lepenica, Deževica, Brestovsko, Busovača, Novi Travnik, Visoko, Breza, Vareš, Kakanj, Kraljeva Sutjeska came to the feast of the Holy Spirit in Fojnica. Many of them came on foot to celebrate with the Fojnica believers the heavenly patron.

At the beginning of the Mass celebration, they were welcomed by OFM Miro Relota, the guardian from Fojnica. “I am pleased to see so many believers in Fojnica from many Central Bosnia parishes. Thank you for having come to share the joy of the celebration of the heavenly patron of our parish and monastery. It is especially nice to see many believers in the folk costumes of the regions they come from”, OFM Miro said. He reminded that the believers there prepared with novena masses and triduums for the celebration of the patron.

The central Mass celebration on the feast of the Holy Spirit in Fojnica was, with the participation of numerous priests, led by OFM Franjo Radman, the Guardian of the Monastery of St. Bonaventura in Visoko.

The celebration of the patron saint of the parish and monastery for many of Fojnica's believers scattered around the world is the opportunity to visit the hometown. On this feast, the streets of Fojnica are particularly lively, and after the Mass, the joyful celebration continues in front of the monastery, and after, in the family homes of parishioners whose heavenly protector is the Holy Spirit.