Celebration of the consecration of the church and a meeting of spiritual vocations

On Sunday, September 1st, in the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Prozor, the Day of the Consecration of the parish church was celebrated and the traditional meeting of the spiritual vocations of this parish was held.

At 11 o'clock at the parish church, Holy Mass was led and preached by rev. Dragan Jurić. In concelebration were: Msgr. Marko Tomić, rev. Branko Jurić, rev. Ljubo Zadrić, rev. Ljubo Zelenika, father Tomislav Kraljević, rev. Ivan Bošnjak, Msgr. Ante Meštrović, rev. Milan Ivančević, rev. Nikola Lovrić, rev. Franjo Tomić.

The words of greetings, thanks, encouragement, congratulations to the present priests, nuns, theologians, seminarians, parishioners were addressed by Msgr. Marko Tomić.

The Eucharistic celebration was animated by members of the parish mixed choir.

After the Eucharistic celebration, socialising of the present believers was held in Dr. Joseph Stadler's Square, and after the joint photographing, a Meeting of Spiritual Vocations was held, during which a formal lunch was held in the parish hall. The parish of Prozor, among its spiritual vocations, currently has 17 priests and 16 nuns, reports rama-prozor.info.