Committee for preparation of the Synod of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna presented current work

Professors of the KBF and Franciscan theology and the educators of the seminary in Travnik, as well as from the seminary in Sarajevo, Franciscan seminary and International seminary Redemptoris Mater in Vogošća, gathered in the Priest’s Home of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna, on May 16th, so they could get acquainted with the so-far work of the first Synod of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese.

After the prayer, the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, cardinal Vinko Puljić, greeted 33 present professors and educators, thanked for their arrival and said that this meeting is a need of the local Church because “we must face the challenges we live”.

After this, a lecture was given by the professor of the Church law, OFM Šimo Ivelj who spoke of the Diocese synod in the view of “pastoral-legal meaning”. After OFM Šime, dr. rev. Oliver Jurišić, professor of philosophy at the Catholic theology faculty spoke on the topic Catholic intellectual. Among other, he pointed out that the difference between Christian and Catholic intellectual is that the “Christian” – is culturological and wider, and Catholic has defined theological-moral content that is taught by the Catholic Church.

After him, the general secretary of the Synod, dr. rev. Mario Bernadić had a presentation named Overview of so-far work of the Synod of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna, and showed everything that was done since 2012. to today.

After the lectures there was an opportunity for discussion with offered questions: about the course and work of the synod; suggestions and propositions for advancement of the synod work: about the possibilities of cooperation of professor and the Committee for preparation of the Synod of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna.