Completed work of the Historical Commission in the cause of rev. Ante Dujlović

The Historical Commission of the Polish Diocese of Legnica reviewed and positively evaluated the work of the Research Commission in the initiated process for the beatification of priest of the Diocese of Banja Luka.

A multi-member delegation of the Diocese of Legnica from Poland stayed in the Diocese of Banja Luka from July 29th to August 2nd, and included members of the Historical Commission established by Msgr. Zbigniew Kiernikowski, the Bishop of Legnica.

The commission, which was founded at the request of Msgr. Komarica, reviewed and evaluated the work of the Research Commission in the initiated process for the proclamation Holy of the Priest of the Diocese of Banjaluka, rev. Ante Dujlović, a parish priest in Gumjeri, which was a parish where the Polish people lived in the WWII.

In a letter brought by the delegation from Poland, Bishop Kiernikowski “is pleased to inform the Bishop of Banja Luka that the Historical Commission, established in 2017, has done its work conscientiously and thoroughly”. All texts were translated into Italian and delivered to the Bishop of Banja Luka, as the initiator of this ecclesiastical process.

Bishop Komarica gratefully received the extensive material much needed and arranged to further guide this process, and thanked everyone in Poland who lovingly joined the process, either through prayer, financial support, or spreading the truth about rev. Dujlović.

Members of the Polish delegation visited the centre of the parish of Gumjera, in the Prnjavor Deanery. There, parish priest and the dean of Prnjavor, Msgr. Vlado Lukenda informed them about the many undertakings he did and still does with his modest capacities in revitalizing this, for the life of Catholics, of not only the Diocese of Banja Luka, important place of pilgrimage and prayer.

The guests thanked him and promised to inform the Polish Embassy in BiH about all this.