Family day in parish Nova Bila

On Sunday, June 30th, in the parish of the Holy Spirit in Nova Bila, Family day was organized for the families from the area of the monastery in Guča Gora.

Family meeting on the topic Can my family be happier? was realized in the joint organization of the Franciscan Secular Order (FSR) Nova Bila, the Frama of Nova Bila, the Counseling Center and the Office for Marriage and the Family of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese. The purpose of the meeting was to promote the values of Christian marriage and family in society, to strengthen communion in the parish community and to preserve Christian identity.

The meeting started with a Holy Mass celebration led by OFM Pero Vrebac, the spiritual assistant of the FSR, and was continued with a common family lunch and commemorative lectures and workshops. OFM Pero, with a special regard to the Book of Genesis (2.24) and the Gospel of Matthew (19: 3-6). In his introductory lecture, explained the message of these texts explaining what it means to “leave father and mother and associate with wife”, and how to live marital fidelity.

There was a lecture by Dr. sc. Sanda D. Smoljo who explained the psychological obstacles and dynamism that obstruct and distort the family and partner harmony.

After the break, in the second lecture she spoke about the challenges of paternity today, with a special emphasis on the father figure's crisis in postmodern times.

After the lecture there was a workshop on How to improve marriage communication? The meeting ended with a fruitful discussion in which the participants asked questions to the lecturers, and during the sharing of experiences they talked about the need to continue such educational-training seminars.

Finally, the participants expressed their satisfaction that they had the opportunity to learn something new that they could use to build marriage and family communion.