Fourth meeting of spiritual vocations of parish Radunice

On Saturday, July 27th, IV. Meeting of spiritual vocations of parish Radunice, was organised and seven nuns and four priests christened in Radunice attended.

Together with them were parish priest, rev. Ilija Orkić, rev. Josip Jelić, parish priest in Maglaj and preacher rev. Gabrijel Jukić, missionary in Uganda.

Because this is year of missions, the wish was to listen about missions from first hand. Rev. Gabrijel answered to the invitation and during the Holy Mass he spoke about the mission he acts in to the nuns, priests and believers.

He joyfully spoke about the people he works with, their customs; about the rain that this year came two and a half months later and that way caused concerns and famine. The believers there appreciate the priests, and missionaries try and fix the economy, schooling system and health system. Important role is the one of the catechists, who work well and are implemented in the life of the mission that counts 40 000 believers.

The meeting started at 9AM by gathering in the parish house, after which the Holy Mass was celebrated at 10 AM. After the Holy Mass followed photographing and coffee.

After the eucharist celebration, all participants gathered in front of the church, where they had the opportunity to take a look at what rev. Gabrijel brought from Africa, and take a souvenir or a shirt that was made in his parish.

The parish supported his work, and the parishioners fondly remember his late brother Tadija, who was a parish priest in Radunice some 20 years ago.

While socialising they spoke about planed activities for celebration of 150th anniversary of parish of St. Ana in Radunice that is planned for next summer.