Greek Catholics came to pilgrimage to the sanctuary of St. John the Baptist in Podmilačje

On Saturday, June 8th, pilgrims of the Greek Catholic parishes of Sošice, Mrzlo Polje, Pribić, Jastrebarsko, Slavonski Brod, Gornji Andrijevci, Prnjavor, Banja Luka and Devetina came to St. John the Baptist sanctuary in Podmilačje near Jajce.

The believers, around 150 of them, led by parish priests and led by the ordinary of the Križevci Eparchy, father Milan Stipić, visited the famous sanctuary in Podmilačje where a liturgy was served in the crypt of the new church.

Its magnitude was in brave proclamation of truth and in calling to the all people to repentance and preparation for the coming of the Saviour Jesus Christ. The repentant heart recognizes Jesus Christ while haughty heart, cannot recognize the Christ, and his gospel is unacceptable.

“We gathered in this sanctuary to pray for all of us Greek Catholics and our Križevci eparchy. We pray to God and for the intercession of St. John, to rebuild our whole community, all of our believers and priests, with its Spirit. This shrine is unique because of its dedication to John the Baptist, the Christ's predecessor, and its tradition has been continuous for more than six centuries. We are all happy for the unity of our priests and believers from our whole Eparchy”, said ordinary Stipić.

As IKA reports, the Ordinary thanked all the priests in attendance, especially father Aleksandar Hmilj and father Marijan Jeftimov, who first took on organising of this pilgrimage. After the liturgy there was a procession from the new to the old church where the vow to St. John the Baptist to protect was made and prayed to God for Eparchy of Križevci.

The pilgrims were welcomed by the Franciscans who are the guardians of the sanctuary and welcomed the Greek-Catholics to come back to this shrine every year. On the way back, pilgrims visited the historic town of Jajce and Pliva lake.