KŠC cancelled all events during March

Based on the previous decision on prevention, and because of the new situation, in order to protect the students and staff of KŠC Petar Barbarić and the seminary, on March 11th, the director, rev. Željko Marić suspended all activities that are being carried out at the Centre.

Following that decision, the Primary School Sports Meetings of the Catholic School System for Europe, scheduled for March 28th in Travnik, was cancelled. Participation of students of this centre in the competition, which was scheduled for March 28th, was also cancelled.

The meeting organized by the Travnik Deanery and the Archdiocesan Centre for Youth Pastoral Ivan Pavao II (John Paul II) scheduled for March 14th, and a meeting at the level of the Travnik Deanery in connection with the work of the Synod of Vrhbosna scheduled for March 12th, was also cancelled.

The visit of the participants of the Religious Olympics to the KŠC in Travnik on March 12th was also prolonged.

Based on the recommendation of the Central Bosnia Canton, spiritual exercises for members of the Economic and Pastoral Councils, which were scheduled for the period from March 13th to 15th, were postponed.