No pilgrimage to Olovo and awaiting the end of Our Lady's Month on Kondžilo

May devotion in the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna during the "coronavirus"

Health of the Sick, pray for us and comfort us!

Archbishop of Vrhbosna cardinal Vinko Puljić, made an invitation to pray to Our Lady through the month of May and sent a message to all priests, monks, nuns and believers, which we bring you here fully. The Cardinal hopes that by May 30th, the ban will be loosened so that believers can gather in Komušina.

To all priests, monks and nuns and to the faithful of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna.

Dear brothers and sisters!

After the last war, we introduced the custom in our Archdiocese of Vrhbosna to open the May devotions in the oldest sanctuary of Our Lady in Olovo, and on the last Saturday in May we make a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Kondžilska in Komušina.

Devotion to Our Lady of Olovo without pilgrimage

This year has undergone numerous changes to our customs and pastoral programs due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the May devotions may also be marked by it.

Because the ban on public gathering is still in force in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will not have the usual pilgrimage either, but we will still perform devotion to Our Lady of Olovo. On that day, at the sanctuary, I will celebrate the Holy Mass at 11:00 h, which will be directly transmitted via video and audio - so that the believers can listen in their families and homes and pray together, thus starting devotions to Our Lady in May .

Strengthen the Easter faith

In this regard, it should be reminded that the May devotions are rooted in the Middle Ages. People have dedicated the most wonderful month of the year to the Mother of God, picking flowers and placing them in front of Our Lady's statues or paintings - in families, chapels and churches. Then they gathered and prayed the Rosary and the Laurentian litanies with a song to Mary. Not only were these devotions granted in the 16th century, they were also recommended, and have remained to this day.

As this is the month in the atmosphere of Easter celebration, through this piety, people have strengthened their faith in the risen Christ, which is the foundation of our faith. Mary leads her children to Jesus as the comforter of man and humankind.

In this pandemic, we especially feel the need for Mary to comfort and guide us to her risen Son, the victor over sin and death. Saint Pope Paul VI. Said: “This is, in fact, the month in which Christians in the temples and family homes will more earnestly and heartily hoist to Mary their offering of their prayers and piety. It is also the month in which the gifts of Divine Mercy will come down upon us more and more abundantly.”

Looking forward to making a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Kondžilo

We fervently pray to Our Lady that in this month of Our Lady the urgently needed imposed social restrictions will cease in order to re-fill our churches with people, song and prayer in the joyous celebration of Holy Mass.

May she comfort us in all our pains, both in soul and body, and as the Health of the Sick, prays joyful hope of life in this tearful valley.

We will make a vow of gratitude to Our Lady of Kondžilo in Komušina on May 30th 2020., with the hope that by that time the people will be able to reunite, pray and glorify God by participating in Holy Mass and receiving the sacraments.

While I invite you all to engage in this prayer to Our Lady through the month of May, I commit you and all of us to the intercession and protection of our heavenly Mother, invoking the abundance of God’s blessing.