May the life of St. John Paul II be a challenge and an incentive

On the memorial day of St. John Paul II, October 22nd, in the Sarajevo settlement Otoka, XIV. day of the Archdiocesan Centre for Youth Pastoral Care (NCM) Ivan Pavao II (John Paul II), was celebrated with a Holy Mass and a special program.

Under the motto Vrijedi (š) (Be/you’re worth it), NCM staff, associates, volunteers and friends celebrated the feast of their heavenly patron, holy pope Wojtyła. The celebration of the Day of the institution, which has been working with and for young people for 14 years, was organized on its premises in accordance with the epidemiological measures and recommendations of the Crisis Staff. The event gathered about 150 young people and other guests in the Renovabis hall.

The ceremony began with a Holy Mass led by the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, cardinal Vinko Puljić, concelebrating with about 15 priests, among whom was the director of the NCM, Dr. rev. Šimo Maršić. At the beginning of the Eucharist, the words of greeting were given by the director Maršić, who pointed out that John Paul II. had confidence in the young people, and the young people loved to be in his presence.

The liturgical celebration was animated by young people from the Sarajevo parish of Stup, and the Holy Mass was broadcasted live by Radio Marija BiH.

After the service, the celebration continued with a special program prepared by members of the acting team (H)epiCentar, who in the past posted interesting, educational and humorous content on their YouTube channel.

Through a dynamic, emotional and witty story, the young actors took the audience back a year and recalled what all people in most countries of the world went through trying to preserve mental and physical health during the coronavirus and lockdown pandemic. The program leader was NCM employee Josip Milanović.

In addition to the play, the program was enriched by two musical points, followed by a reception for all friends, partners, associates and volunteers of the Archdiocesan Centre for Youth Pastoral Ivan Pavao II (John Paul II).