Meeting of believers and priests of the Broćan and Banja Luka Deanery

In the parish of St. Anthony of Padua in Petrićevac, on October 19th, the first meeting of the priests of the two deaneries, Broćan and Banja Luka, was held.

Guests from the Broćan Deanery, about 200 of them, consisting of parishes: Čerin, Čitluk, Gradina, Gradnići, Kruševo, Međugorje and Ploče - Tepčić, came accompanied by their parish priests. Together with the hosts of the deanery of Banja Luka, about 350 believers attended the meeting.

The highlight of this meeting was the Eucharistic celebration led by the venerable Đuro Bender, Dean of the Broćan Deanery, with concelebration of 16 priests who act in both deaneries. A brief and commemorative program followed at the end of the Holy Mass.

The hosts first introduced themselves, after which rev. Žarko Vladislav Ošap presented the guests with gifts. This was followed by the presentation of guests and the delivery of gifts that guests brought from their parishes. The musical part was animated by a singing group of young people from the parish of Kruševo.

The whole program ended with an appropriate party.

After the refreshment, the guests went on sightseeing tours of the Trappist monastery and the cathedral and parish church located in the heart of Banja Luka.