Mission Sunday in parish of Novo Sarajevo

On Mission Sunday, October 20th, the Director of the Pontifical Missionary works in BiH (PMD), Msgr. Luka Tunjić led the morning Holy Masses in the Holy Trinity parish in Novo Sarajevo.

At the beginning of the central mass celebration at 11 o'clock, gathered believers were greeted by the parish priest rev. Marinko Filipović, reminding of what the Church is celebrating on Mission Sunday, after which Msgr. Tunjić also addressed gathered believers.

Following Mass readings and the Gospel proclaimed, the PMD BiH Director said a commemorative homily. He first explained why the Church celebrates Mission Sunday every year, and this year the Extraordinary Mission Month, October. He then read the important information provided annually by the official Vatican news agency Fides, which reports on statistics of help to the Catholic Church in Africa.

After that, he brought the missionaries work closer to the gathered believers, emphasizing first on the proclamation of the Good News, which is accompanied in parallel by the construction of schools, dispensaries, orphanages, roads, drinking water wells, food security, agriculture assistance...

“All that will help the people there to live better, easier and more humanly. And we can help them faithfully. First by prayer - which is the first thing they tell me when I ask our missionaries what they need most. Then there is material help accompanying missionary events throughout the year: Mission Sunday, Epiphany (Holy Childhood Work) - Children Helping Children, St. Peter the Apostle work - when the collected gifts help to educate spiritual vocations in missions. I will also mention some missionary actions, first of all following and reading magazine Radosna vijest, MIVA, olive branches, mission trays, calendars ... and of course personal assistance to missionaries and supporting their projects, as well as establishing missionary sections in the parish”, said, among other things Msgr. Luke who concluded this sermon with Pope Francis’s thought that mercy is the heart of the gospel, and missionary activity is a lifestyle for every believer, because baptism calls for it.

Mass celebration with harmonious singing and playing was animated by a parish choir assisted by children from the parish, with organ accompaniment by sister Angelika and conducting by Filip Milošević, and before the end of the Mass the youngest parishioners sang their anthem for the first time with appropriate choreography. One of the parishioners prepared snacks for them.

After the parish news, Msgr. Tunjić also presented the parishioners with promotional materials from the PMD, and offered souvenirs and devotionals through the purchase of which, through the Mission Headquarters, the missionaries are assisted.