Multiple celebration in the parish of the Name of Mary in Gromiljak

In the parish of the Name of Mary in Gromiljak near Kiseljak, on September 7th, there were multiple celebrations: an external celebration of Our Lady, devotion to Our Lady of Prompt Succor (quick help), blessing of school children, and the testimony of missionary sister Ana Uložnik.

As the Feast of Our Lady, as well as the commemoration of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, which is honoured in a special way by the believers in Gromiljak, falls on the 23rd Sunday of the year, when at the same time the neighbouring parish in Brestovsko celebrates their second patron, the parishioners from Gromiljak, led by their parish priest rev. Ilija Karlović and a pastoral associate, rev. Jakov Pavlović, celebrated both celebrations the day before and gathered in large numbers under the cloak of Heavenly Mother Mary.

The same celebration was attended by a large number of school children who had already stepped in a new school year, and on this day they came to pray to the blessed Virgin Mary and to pray to the Lord for the blessed beginning and the course of the year ahead of them with all the challenges, lessons, joys and difficulties.

After the prayer, devotion to Our Lady of Quick help followed before the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and then, sister M. Ana Uložnik, Servant of Little Jesus and missionary in Haiti, addressed the present believers, and thanked the parishioners of Gromiljak for all their work and dedication, sacrifices and contributions they do for missions, especially missions in Haiti, and briefly presented to them what she and sister M. Liberija Filipović live and do among the people there. She told the gathered that although we are not a people who can say that they are rich, they still live so that they have everything they need for a normal and healthy life: home, treatment options, at least three meals a day, schooling ... and so much more that children, theirs parents and other Haitian residents do not and cannot afford. She spoke about the difficult living conditions of many with whom she and sister Liberija work, but also about their joy, faith and dedication to the providence of God, which is being influenced for a better tomorrow.

She testified that those people, whom the missionaries, through the gifts and contributions they receive from the benefactors, helped them by paying for their medical treatment, their education, or by buying food, “poured out a sea of blessings on them and on all those who made it possible for these gifts to arrive to them”. “The Haitians pray for you and bless your every selfless gift”, said sister Ana, and thanked the parish priest, the sisters Servants of the Little Jesus of the Annunciation House, and the parishioners and Friends of the Little Jesus for all that they do for them and for the people they were sent to.

Before the final blessing, the parish priest also read to the gathered a message from Archbishop cardinal Vinko Puljić on the occasion of beginning of the new school and religious studies year, and called on the blessing of God for all those gathered.