New generation of novices of Bosna Srebrena

On Sixteenth Sunday through year, on July 21st, in parish of the Holy Spirit in Nova Bila, Franciscan province of the Holy Cross Bosna Srebrena became richer by three young men who got dressed in monk suits of the Little Brothes order.

Three young men are: OFM Nikola Barbić from parish of Fojnica, OFM Robert Bašić from parish of Busovača and youngest OFM Ilija Nakić from parish of Nova Bila.

Holy Mass was led by the provincial of Bosna Srebrena, OFM Jozo Marinčić with concelebration of the master of the postulants OFM Josip Mrnjavac, prefect of the seminarians OFM Josip Ikić, master of the novices OFM Marinko Baotić, the guardian of the monastery in Guča Gora OFM Drago Pranješ, parish priest of Nova Bila OFM Slavko Petrušić and other brothers; reports web-portal

Provincial invited the novices in his homily to courageously walk the Evangelical path like St. Francis. OFM Jozo said that they are, as Franciscans, obligated to carry the Joyful news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those who are on the margins of our society.

At the end of the Holy Mass celebration, parish priest, OFM Slavko showed joy that the parish community and this church, that particularly shows the connection of Bosnian Catholics and Fraciscans (this church used to be a hospital in the war), was host to the first time the dressing of the novices of Bosna Srebrena and on this occasion even had its own son that dressed the habit of St. Francis.

After the Holy Mass celebration, followed refreshment, and then the novices and the master went to the path of Noviciate in Gorica.