New president of HKD Napredak was elected

Croatian cultural society (HKD) Napredak, held in Sarajevo on July 6th, their 66th Main electing assembly where a so far member of society, dr. Nikola Čiča, was elected for president.

With the presence of about 200 Napredak members and guests, the Assembly was held in the premises of the Vrhbosna Diocesan Seminary in Sarajevo.

Among others, the solemn ceremony was attended by: the retired patriarch of Jerusalem Msgr. Fuad Twal, MCL President Carlo Costalli, co-CEO of EZA Piergorgio Sciaqua and numerous representatives of the church and social and political life of BiH, Croatia and the world.

The present were welcomed by the President, Dr. Msgr. Franjo Topić, who at the commemorative speech talked about HKD Napredak's work over the past 29 years of renewed existence.

Then followed acknowledgment and thanksgiving, and at the end of the ceremonial part, the long-time first man of Napredak, Msgr. Franjo Topić was appointed Honorary President of the Society.

In the working part, proposals for amending the HKD Napredak Statute were adopted and a new leadership was chosen. After 29 years in the office of president, prof. Topić didn’t run for president, and he was, with the will of those present, succeeded by Dr. Nikola Čiča, a former member of the Central Administration.

Vice Presidents were also elected: Josip Križanović, Miroslav Landeka, Mario Nenadić, Dražen Vikić Topić, and with them, the members of the Central Administration: Josip Nikolić, Msgr. Franjo Topić, Franjo Bratić, OFM Mirko Filipović, Ivana Barišić, Robert Petrović, Ivica Kovačević, Danijel Stanić, Sretko Tomić and Venka Zorić.

New members of the Supervisory Board: Zoran Kupreškić, Dragan Glavaš and Jakov Gavran.

Disciplinary Court: Rev Luka Brković, Vedrana Šimić and Željko Galić.

The newly elected president also spoke to the audience.

After the Assembly, the Holy mass was celebrated and led by Msgr. Fuad Twal.