Patron of the only parish in BiH that is led by Jesuits

After being consecrated on July 6th 2019, the parishioners of the Sarajevo parish of Sv. Ignatius of Loyola, celebrated its patron saint for the first time on July 31st, in their newly built parish church.

Holy Mass celebration, in the afternoon of the last day of July, with the concelebration of eight priests was led by Dr. father Dalibor Renić, Provincial of the Croatian Province of the Society of Jesus.

The congregational crowd present in the church, which is located next to the football stadium of NK Željezničar in Grbavica, was greeted and welcomed by the parish priest, father Krešo Djaković. He mentioned that this parish marks 40 years of its existence, since it was founded in 1979. by Archbishop Marko Jozinović.

Provincial Renić spoke in his sermon about the saintly character of the founder of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius of Loyola, through the prism of spiritual exercises for which he is widely known. He noted that at the beginning of the exercise booklet, like catechisms, the answer to the question of why man is on earth is to praise, worship, and serve God. In this regard, he spoke of the case of a Jesuit who wanted to convert communist Russia but ended up in prison very soon. In the face of doubt, the only thing he had as a stronghold was this thought of serving God.

After the Mass, at which the parish choir sang under the lead of Darijo Vučić, socializing continued with refreshment in the atrium of the parish complex.

The religious community in Grbavica, this year was preparing for the patron saint of the parish with a triduum led by father Sebastjan Šuljević.

By the way, this is the only parish in BiH led by the Jesuit Fathers, to whom the first Archbishop of this country, Josip Stadler, entrusted the administration of seminaries and numerous spiritual and educational roles.