Preserve your feeling for the sacred, and you will sanctify yourself

Priest's ordination in the Cathedral

On Wednesday, June 29th, on the feast day of the apostolic saints Peter and Paul, in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sarajevo, the archbishop of Vrhbosna in peace cardinal Vinko Puljić ordained nine deacons as priests.

Because on the same day, the archbishop of Vrhbosna, Msgr. Tomo Vukšić was in Rome, where he received the pallium from the hands of Pope Francis, the solemn Holy Mass celebration in the capital of Sarajevo, was concelebrated by: Provincial of the Franciscan Province of Bosna Srebrena, OFM Zdravko Dadić, Vicar General of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese, Msgr. Slađan Ćosić and more than 80 priests.

Greeting the present, cardinal Vinko also conveyed the sincere congratulations sent by Msgr. Tomo from Rome. Cardinal Vinko, addressing the deacons, reminded them that they are the 32nd generation of candidates to whom he shares the holy order. “Before you, I ordained 269 priests, excluding those who left the priesthood. Of these, there were 152 monks, mostly Franciscans, and 117 diocesan priests”, said the Cardinal.

After the reading and proclamation of the gospel, the rector of VBS, rev. Zdenko Spajić presented the candidates for the Vrhbosna Archdiocese, the candidates for the Archdiocesan International Mission Seminary Redemptoris Mater were presented by rev. Michele Capasso, and for the Franciscan Province Bosna Srebrena, Master of Theology OFM Danijel Nikolić. After their response and with the guarantee of the superiors, the parish communities from which they come, and the opinions of those responsible about their suitability for receiving holy orders, the archbishop chose them for the order of presbyters.

To keep religious feeling towards the Eucharist

The cardinal's sermon followed, in which he first noted that “we live in a time when the Catholic Church is a disturbance in public, political and economic life”. Addressing the students, he emphasized that in such a time “they will be subjected to pranks and blackmail”. “That's why I especially want to encourage you today (..) Jesus Christ has remained among us in many ways, first in the Eucharist. He is alive there. Preserve the feeling of faith towards the Eucharist! Preserve the feeling towards the holy and you will sanctify yourself”, he encouraged and noted that the term priest comes from the word holy. “No matter how many difficulties you have in life, if you truly have a believing attitude towards the Eucharist and Jesus by attending to it, you will have the source of life. The moment your faith becomes numb, you don’t turn to the holy, you will begin to fail”, noted the archbishop in peace, encouraging them to guard their relationship with Jesus.

“That same Jesus is present in the Word of God. You will read and proclaim, you should eat and live from that word. That's why I encourage you, don't be misled by public opinion stuffiness of life. Don't approach the Holy Scriptures like an ordinary text! It is the Word of God. Live of it”, said cardinal Vinko especially emphasizing the need for them to remember every morning that they are priests of Christ.

He further spoke about the crisis of authority and, following this, pointed out that authority is not obtained by decree but by mission and credibility. He encouraged his priest brothers not to lose their identity. “Dear deacons, I wish that the Holy Spirit, who 'seals' you today, sanctifies you every day so that you will be brave to face all the challenges of today (...) Christ is the one who, with his resurrection, gives meaning to the life and suffering of all of us. Therefore, bear witness to that of the Risen Christ”, he said and especially expressed the need to not fit into the secularized world. “We must not become equal to that world, but lead it”, he emphasized, and then spoke about the temptations that will always be there. He explained that they encourage and strengthen faith, especially the people who follow Jesus.

New priests

Then followed the rite of ordination, and the newly ordained priests concelebrated with Archbishop and brothers priests.

For the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna ordained are: rev. Josip Marković, rev. Josip Papak; the Archdiocesan International Mission Seminary Redemptoris Mater rev. Dino Mustafi and rev. Paulo H. Coelho; and for Franciscan province Bosna Srebrena: OFM Ivan Stanić, OFM Marko Cvitković, OFM Mijo Ljubos, OFM Mislav Jozić and OFM Zvonimir Batista.

In the end, the newly ordained priests gave their first blessing to all present, and Cardinal gave them the permisions of the Ordinariate for confessions which are year long until the jurisdiction exams.

The celebration was animated by a joint choir of seminarians of VBS and FT Fra Nenad Dujić.

Holy Mass was broadcasted on Radio Marija BiH.


Who are the new priests?

Archdiocese of Vrhbosna

Rev. Josip Marković

Son of Stipe and Dragica born Mijatović, born on November 21st 1996 in Žepče. He comes from the parish Lug-Brankovići. His young Holy Mass will be on July 31st in Lug-Brankovići.

Rev. Josip Papak

Son of Ivan and i Ružica born Galić, was born on October 3rd 1997 in Mostar. He comes from the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Prozor. His young Holy Mass will be on August 13th in Prozor.


International Mission Seminary Redemptoris Mater

Rev. Paulo H. dos Santos Coelho

Son of Jose Manuela Coelha and Marlene Ameline dos Santos Coelho born on June 1st 1993 in Santo Andrea in Brazil. The Neocatechumenal Way he met in 2008 in Sao Paolo. His young Holy Mass will be on July 3rd in Vogošća and July 24th in Sao Paolo.

Rev. Dino Mustafi

Son of Mirsad and Jagoda born Galac was born on November 2nd 1989 in Zadar. je rođen 2. studenog 1989. u Zadru. The Neocatechumenal Way he met in 2010 in Split. His young Holy Mass will be on July 3rd in the Sarajevo cathedral and July 10th in Zadar.


Franciscan Province Bosna Srebrena

OFM Marko Cvitković

Son of Mate and Slavka born Jozipović was born on August 27th 1994 in Mostar. He comes from the parish of Doljani where he will be celebrating his young Holy Mass on July 20th.

OFM Ivan Stanić

son of Marko i Nevenka born Stanić, was born on January 4th 1996 in Kiseljak. He comes from the parish Kreševo where he will be celebrating his young Holy Mass on July 17th.

OFM Mijo Ljubos

Son of Žarko and Gordana born Vujica, was born on July 5th 1996 in Nova Bila. He comes from parish Busovača where he will be celebrating his young Holy Mass on July 24th.

OFM Zvonimir Batista

Son of Marko and Nada born Čobanović, was born on July 25th in Zenica. He comes from parish of Busovača.

OFM Mislav Joz

Son of Marijo and Marina born Mlakić, was born on September 12th 1995 in Prozor. He comes from the parish of Rama-Šćit. He will be celebrating his young Holy Mass on August 7th in Šćit.