Religion studies Olympics 2019.

The second national religious studies competition named Religion studies Olympics 2019. was held in Stolac on April 30th.

The meeting of believers from 39 primary and secondary schools of BiH started with a Holy mass celebration in the parish church of St. Elijah the Prophet, led by the diocese’s vicar rev. Ivo Šutalo. And rev. Ante Pavlović, head of the Mostar Catechetic office, local parish priest rev. Rajko Marković, and priests that are religion teachers who came to the competition with their teams, concelebrated in the Holy mass celebration.

After the Holy mass, all the contestants and mentors went in a procession to the Diocese's Pastoral Centre in Stolac. The competition was officially opened by rev. Ante Pavlović, and then the chairwoman of the State Commission sister Vlatka Dujmović clarified the rules of the competition and sent participants and mentors to the premises intended for them.

After the writing tests was done, individual and group, the tests were taken over by the members of the correction committee. Official results have been published and the contestants of the first five teams of primary and secondary schools have been invited to an oral competition held in public. The first place in the category of elementary schools was won by the students of the Primary School Fra Stipan Vrljić from Sovići with their teacher Ivana Vlašić, and in the category of secondary schools the first place, for the third consecutive year, was won by the students of the Catholic School Centre Don Bosco from Žepče with their teacher, sister Mirjam Ramljak.

After official proclamation of the winner and the announcement of the results, the chairwoman of the State Commission sister Vlatka, thanked for the successful organization and welcoming of this competition, and with the joint photography and singing this Religion studies Olympics 2019 were finished.