Second Family days in Kupres

The Second Family Days in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the Family Council of the Bishop’s Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the co-organization of the Holy Family parish in Kupres and the Kupreški Kosci Association, was officially celebrated on Sunday, July 28th at the crowded parish church in Kupres.

The Family Day aims, first and foremost, to draw attention to the importance of the family and to preserve family values in society, to preserve Christian identity, and to position Kupres as a key shrine of the Holy Family in Central Europe.

Central Mass celebration in the Church of the Holy Family was led by the President of the Bishop’s Conference of BiH (BKBiH), cardinal Vinko Puljić the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, and; the Vice President of the BK BiH and the Military Bishop of BiH Msgr. Tomo Vukšić, President of the BK BiH Family Council, the auxiliary bishop of Banja Luka, Msgr. Marko Semren and a few other priests concelebrated.

The parish priest of Kupres, rev. Tomislav Mlakić, greeted the present pilgrims and thanked everyone who contributed to the organization.

After the Mass, the organizers - Bishops' Conference of BiH, the parish of Holy Family Kupres and the Kupreški Kosci Association, in cooperation with people from Kupres that no longer live here and friends of the area, have prepared a diverse program with many cultural and entertainment content.

Numerous folklore societies have performed: the musical group Versi from Metković, the well-known string instrument band Đeram, led by Željko Piperović. In addition to the string instrument notes, Dražen Žanko and Mate Bulić also performed as part of the music and entertainment program, after which the audience sang with the Intrade group, led by Tomislav Bralić.