St. Peter’s day celebrated and a memorial plaque revealed

Parish Kočerin, that is dedicated to the Apostles St. Peter and Paul, celebrated their heavenly patrons on June 29th. OFM Velimir Bavrka parish priest from Vitez, led the mass on the eve of the feast and on feast day itself.

In his sermon, OFM Velimir spoke of five messages inspired by the apostolic brothers: Christian morality, interpersonal relationships, the relationship between the shepherd and the faithful, the awakening of hope and sincerity.

During the Triduum, the leaders of the Mass celebrations were OFM Marin Karačić and OFM Goran Ćorluka. With the prayer of the Rosary, the spiritual concert and the blessing of the children, the parishioners and the faithful from the surrounding parishes joyfully welcomed “Petrovdan” (St. Peter’s day).

On the same day in the hall of the parish church was erected a large memorial plaque in honour of the four killed friars and 408 killed and injured parishioners in the Second World War.

Let us recall, the partisans, in the parish house on May 21st, 1945., killed OFM Valentin Zovko and OFM Andrija Topić.

On this plaque, there are also two brothers killed elsewhere, that were from this parish, OFM Petar Sesar, whom the Partisans communists killed in Čapljina, and OFM Darinko Mikulić, who was killed in Maceljska šuma.