The 15th National Mariology-Marian Congress

15th National Mariology-Marian Congress under the name “Our Lady’s Bosnia - under the wings of 'Heavenly virgin Mary'” was held from 10th to 13th of May in the Archdiocese’s seminary “Petar Barbarić” in Travnik.

Translated by: Ksenija Ninić

The congress was organized by the Croatian Mariology Institute (HMI) of the theology university at University of Zagreb (KBF) in the co-organization of the theology university (KBF) of the University of Sarajevo, Franciscan Theology of Sarajevo and Catholic school center Petar Barbarić in Travnik.

The Congress began on May 10th with the Eucharistic Celebration, which was held in the seminary church of St. Alosyus Gonzaga and was led by the Archbishop of Vrbosna Vinko cardinal Puljić with the concelebration of the head of the Croatian Marian Institute, Dr. Ivan Karlić, rector of the seminary venerable Željko Marić and other priests attending the congress.

Before many believers, who every Thursday perform devotion to God’s servant Petar Barbarić, the cardinal in his homily, referring to the theme of the congress, said that because of his loyalty to the Mother of God and the widespread devotion to God, it can truly be called “Our Lady’s Bosnia”. “Instead of regretting what we don’t have, we need to live like Mary and thank God for every gift. Petar Barbarić did so, he who dedicated his life to God”, said the cardinal, expressing his gratitude to the HMI for organizing the congress in Bosnia, which he interpreted as a visible sign of solidarity and support for the believers of that region.

At the end of the Mass, the song “Zdravo Djevo was sang, and the song was written by “Travnik’s Teacher” father Petar Perica.

In the afternoon program, the participants of the congress attended the votive chapel of the Lady of Snow on MountVlašić, where they prayed Mary’s intercession for the success of the congress and the faithful of the region. After this, in Galica, a new mountain lodge was opened, which will now be named Erik Brandis, a famous Jesuit, professor at Travnik high school.

On Friday, May 11th, the formal part of the congress began. Prior to the presentation the greeting speeches were said by, among others: Msgr. Ratko Perić, bishop of Herzegovina dioceses, Msgr. Pero Sudar, auxiliary bishop of Vrhbosna, Dr. s. Valerija Kovač, secretary of HMI, Dr. rev. Darko Tomašević, Dean of the KBF in Sarajevo, Dr. OFM Danimir Pezer, Dean of the Franciscan Theology ...

The first block of lectures was about Marian sanctuaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. OFM Petar Lubina presented the emergence and role of Marian shrines in Olovo, Komušina, Rama and Stup. Msgr. Sudar spoke of pilgrimages and devotions in the shrine of Our Lady of Kondžilo. Dr. OFM Slavko Topić exhibited about the shrine of Our Lady of Olovo. Dr. OFM Daniel Patafta presented the traces of Olovo in Ilok in the 18th century.

OFM Ivan Turudić spoke in the second block of lectures about the development of the shrine of the Queen of Peace in Hrasno, and Dr. Niko Ikić analyzed the pastoral epistle of Archbishop Josip Stadler, emphasizing the Marian devotion of the First High Archbishop of Vrhbosna. Lidija Miler presented the character of Mother of God according to life and the writings of Bl. Ivan Merz. Dr. Jasminka Brala-Mudrovčić analyzed the character of BVM in the works of OFM Matija Divković.

In the third block of lectures, literary-music works with Marian themes were presented. Dr. Hrvojka Mihanović-Salopek presented a short film clip with Queen Katarina Kosača-Kotromanić. Dr. Ivan Karlić, in co-operation with Milan Gel, analyzed from the Marian perspective Franjo's greeting to BVM. Biserka Draganić presented fragments of prayer songs in honor of Mary from the poems of the poets of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kristina Repar looked back at the Marian songs.

The second day of the congress was concluded by a mass in the Church of the Assumption of the BDM, in the parish of Dolac, presided by Msgr. Sudar.

Conference participants continued their work on Saturday, May 12th. In the fourth block of lectures, Mariology-Marian topics were presented in different areas. Venerable Marić analyzed the forms of devotion that the fathers Jesuits began in the seminary in Travnik. Dr. Mirela Hrovatin and Rafael Mlinar spoke from the perspective of cultural anthropology about devotion in the area of ​​Banja Luka diocese, for example, in the place of Ljubija. S. Kovač and s. Tea Barnjak presented the representation and content of the Mariology-Marian themes in the magazine “Svjetlo riječi”. Dr. Hrvoje Kalem analyzed the character of Mary in the works of Archbishop Ivan Šarić.

In the fifth block of lectures on the character of the Virgin Mary in the oral tradition of the Ukrainians and her presence in Greek Catholicism in BiH, spoke s. Emanujil Vishka. Dr. Marija Pehar and a postgraduate student, Siniša Mujabašić, have explored and critically reviewed the Marian religious practice of Muslims in the shrines in BiH. About the history and significance of the church of St. Mary, today a monument of culture in Jajce, was told by Dr. Anto Barišić. The last lecture was devoted to the Great Lady of Seonica - the oldest pilgrimage site in the area of Duvno, held by Dr. Zvonko Džankić.

At the end of the presentation, Dr. Karlić gave a concluding review of the topics discussed.

In the afternoon hours, the participants of the congress visited Our Lady's Spring and headed to the Shrine of Our Lady of Rama on Šćit. On the last day of the congress, on May 13th, they visited Kalvarija near Vitez and celebrated Mass in the parish of St. Joseph in Rankovići.